Group Travel New Zealand

Food & Wine

New Zealand is a food and wine lover's paradise.  Farmed close to market and presented fresh to your table, we offer up supreme taste sensations.

Seafood, lamb, beef, venison, cheeses, cool climate wines and craft beers; they are all world-class and farm-fresh. We know you will enjoy a food lover's discovery of New Zealand. 

We have major wine growing districts and wineries in Gisborne and Hawkes Bay in the North Island, and Marlborough and Central Otago in the South Island.

Take a weekend stroll around one of the many farmers markets that are found throughout New Zealand, or a cycle through our vineyards. These markets are a social event with great food and wine tastings and local music talent. 

Whatever your taste or budget, New Zealand's coffee, food and wine culture will surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseur!